Current movement within consumer markets is both extraordinary and unprecedented. We continue to see one industry after another endure disruption, followed by technological changes, digitalisation, sustainability and other society-level megatrends. New start-ups are blooming; therefore, established companies need to reconsider their value chains and all business strategies that are influenced by disruptive changes.

In this age of disruption, both consumer and customer orientation are more important than ever; they are a matter of life and death for all companies. Consumers can no longer be viewed only as users of products and services. They are increasingly active innovators and co-partners, whose voices and preferences must be carefully considered.

For consumer researchers, several interesting research avenues are emerging. Examples include the following: What is the extent to which the consumer is willing to act as a business partner to co-create value with the company? How are consumers’ actions generating market change? How are consumers adapting to market changes? What kinds of agencies and roles are consumers adopting in emerging market situations?

Therefore, it is our pleasure to welcome scholars from various disciplines, including business, marketing, communication, household studies, user innovation, sociology and future studies—to name a few—to present and discuss their contemporary research on consumers, with a special emphasis on markets in transition.

More information about submission guidelines will be posted shortly.

We look forward to your participation in the NCCR2018!

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